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Your Excellency,
In the very depths of your security conscious self, may your eyes catch these links:

Below are a series of reports/letters (PRESS RELEASE) I have presented in regard of the many challenges of leadership/governance in Nigeria and the mysterious dimension that has been introduced riding on the ignorance and greed of our brothers and sisters in the political field. According to Our Lady of Fatima, President Goodluck Jonathan has been pushed to a corner where he has to battle exactly the same forces former President Yar’dua battled with in Aso Rock before he eventually surrendered to the cold hands of death.  I have published them here (especially the Open Letter to Mr. President) because the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Our Lady of Fatima has instructed to this effect).
At this point, permit me to say that the very contents of this letter are found in this story of MR JONAH. 
Mr Jonah’s story is so pathetic. Handcuffed hands and feet, heavily guarded by a battalion of the military JOINT TASK FORCE (JTF) and locked away inside a Black Maria cast in the mould of an Armored car, and having been denied asses to his wife who is equally standing trials for a treasonable offense, the President GEJ, now surnamed “Mr. Jonah,” was driven away to the Kano Prison.
The new PDP National Chairman, General Al-Mustapha (RTD) could not help but weep like a woman. According to him, Mr. Jonah (he actually used this name) may not survive his term in prison because the prison administration in Nigeria has suffered government’s total neglect in the last four years.
“Jonah will surely not come back alive”, he lamented. It was indeed a colorful performance. After that Nigeria moved. And nobody noticed. Nobody asked further questions.
For most of Mr. Jonah’s principled and powerful supporters, the experience isn’t funny at all. Its obvious Mr. Jonah died the very day he went with borrowed legs to see the gap-toothed rattle snake in his cage at the top of the Hill. That visit broke the courage of the cream of those supporters and proved that either of these premises adapted to the Nigerian political equation is correct.
“Aso Rock is an extension of the Boy’s quarters in the hilltop mansion, Minna”.
“ IBB is a Life-President”.
Anybody can be a tenant at Aso Rock after signing the tenancy agreement but there is only one landlord.
Mr. Jonah went to prison because he broke the rule by contesting the decision of the landlord’s rules guiding all aspirants to the Aso Rock Tenancy.
Tony, Chairman of Aso Rock Care- taker Committee was therefore invited to do his work. Indeed, when moles are planted on you, you hear, smell, see, touch and taste only what they want you to hear, smell, see, touch and taste. This is the function of moles. This is what it means to sleep on a mattress of maggots and be covered with a blanket of worms.
As I went out to ease myself at the backyard of our house in the village during the course of my prayers at midnight two Sundays back (I started a one month novena prayer programme for Mr. President on 15th August, 2013), I was greatly frightened by the noise (not sound) made by the fall or collapse of a disintegrated raffia tree which stood fifteen yards away from the hut at the backyard which had served as my mother’s kitchen for the past 15years. The palm-wine taper had finished with it and left it a hostel for maggots. IT collapsed under the weight and influence of maggots.
In one of the numerous prophetic messages/lectures he delivered – “ How to Change Government and Make Society Better,” Pastor Tunde Bakare, presiding Pastor of Latter Rain Assembly voiced out his concern to God openly asking God to grant GEJ safe journey back to his village. I am afraid that this is one prayer of Pastor Tunde Bakare God is not disposed to grant.

Pastor Bakare prayed this prayer for you as a Christian from Yoruba land. But before then this Prayer Intention of Pastor Bakare has been and ever remained the 2nd item, after the Fatima Cause, in the intercession project of the MarysRose Organization/MarysRose Evangelistic Association, Aba.
When I requested Our Lady, Queen/Patroness of Nigeria for a confirmation of this “Jonah Story” on Sunday 16th Sept., she asked me to trek from my house down to the Mgboko (Obingwa Local Govt. Headquarters) where I will meet two different persons - a priest in the company of a nun, specifically, the name of the person the priest went to see, and the symbol the nun represents in a previous assignment I handled in Enugu in 2006. Secondly, a lady traveling to a village called “Umu –uchichi”, that is, “Children of Darkness.”
Again, as I visited the Living World Hospital, Aba yesterday with my mother, and while still in the prayer mood, Our Lady called my attention to what an artificial leg looks like.
Dear Mr President, my candid opinion is that the possibility of arriving the shores of a better and a more progressive Nigeria with borrowed/artificial legs is very thin, that is, a will-o-the-wisp.And it is already dark!
But if every  of man’s prayers is answered, then the Sacred Deed and the recommendations therein is God’s answer to the knotty security issues facing GEJ as he returns back to Otuoke.
This answer can be found following these links:
Finally, even as Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi and Rochas Okorocha win a very strong and irrepressible rebuke, may I personally inform you that I refused to vote for you as a way of protesting these ugly names they wanted you to bear especially “King Ebele XVI”.     
 As the Master of the Royal Secret, in conscious collaboration with the Master Strategist of the Western Hemisphere, Lagos Lodge (who has acquired a beautiful face - APC) gets set to foist the name “Jonah” on you, my conscience is all the more at peace that I never voted for you and no sane person voted for an imbecile, a fugitive and a wanderer named “King Ebere XVI” or “Jonah” . <<http://revfrkennethevurulobi.blogspot.com/2012/07/showing-publiclythe-return-of-king.html >>
Therefore be the hero you are called to be and not the President you were voted not to be.
And like the popular MTN advertisement slogan, I say to you:
 “Achieve what you want to Achieve”.

Your Good Neighbor,
Rev. Fr. Kenneth Evurulobi    

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


I had the privilege, in June 2011, to meet with General Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja.And this meeting precipitated another one, in August of the same year, with Engr. Buba Galadima, the then National Secretary of the Congress for Progressive Change, C.P.C. at the Penuel Suites, Abuja. After a long discussion, or rather dialogue, I handed Engr. Galadima two A4 sized official envelopes containing some documents and requested him to keep one in his custody and to send the other to the Apostolic Nuncio in Nigeria.

Having studied diplomacy, and ever determined to be, or still remain, not a politician but a Christian missionary and a true citizen of our great nation, I consciously sneaked a very sensitive document which was not included in the envelope to be kept in his (Engr. Buba’s) custody into the other envelope that was meant to be sent to the Apostolic Nuncio in Nigeria. This venture saved me from the danger of immediate assassination from the hands of people whom I have labored hard to pray and bless ever since I became a priest on July 12, 1997(My 16th Anniversary in the Priesthood came up on Friday last week). They feared that Engr. Galadima was in possession of that document and will therefore raise the necessary questions in a very vindictive manner when the opportunity comes calling. Suffice it to mention that that document was part of the efforts I made to trace the numerous manipulations against my person and the criminal attempts made to eclipse and vitiate my name and identity from every record in the Catholic Diocese of Aba. In it also I made effort to reach out to Gov. Rotimi Amaechi, whom I know for certain, was not linked in any way to the founding fathers of the P.D.P. But all the roads to Gov. Rotimi Amaechi had been closed, and with this came the death of my efforts in the direction of feeding him with some pieces of information that was critical for his survival.

Our Lady, Queen and Patroness of Nigeria told me during the face-off between Celestine Omehia and Rotimi Amaechi, that he (Rotimi Amaechi) may succeed in ruling Rivers State but Celestine Omehia is the substantive governor of Rivers State. She tasked me to channel prayers to this end because Celestine Omehia’s victory over P.D.P holds a promise for all Rivers people and is designed to provide the pedestal for authentic dialogue between the Nigerian Government of General Muhammadu Buhari and the Church in reference to religious freedom.

I am convinced that every war waged for and on behalf of the faith in accord with Jude, Vs 3 is, first and foremost, about the freedom and safety – not by intention but by implication –of the individual concerned before even it is a victory for the Church. To contend for the true faith is, I believe, a measure of security for every believer. This is the governing principle of all my engagements in the face of corruption, terrorism and Satanism that are ravaging the political, social, religious and economic platforms in Nigeria. The mechanisms for growth and defense for the faith are inbuilt and do not depend on any criminal manipulations to make them effective and functional. The collaboration that is required by the Church from the state is responsible management and attentiveness with regard to the created order. This is the lesson the various theological movements (Ecological, Liberation, Consolation, e.t.c.) want to inculcate into the consciousness of every human person in the world.

Many theologians are delighted to hear Pope Francis I talk about reconciliation and peace. And I am convinced that peace and reconciliation are essentially at the heart of any authentic reform but only as they are made to pass through the prisms of freedom and justice. This is where Gov. Rotimi Amaechi must get it right in his quest for power and political relevance come 2015 electoral year in Nigeria.
I am not one of Gov. Rotimi Amaechi’s fans but only a fool will fail to acknowledge that facts are sacred. Gov. Amaechi has worked and has continued working despite his weaknesses.

And for those who are sympathetic to issues of justice and human rights, it behooves on well meaning citizens of this country to be concerned, not only for Gov. Rotimi Amaechi but also for President Goodluck Jonathan especially given the credentials of those who are knocking him up daily at the Villa to present a report about Gov. Amaechi and those who have presented themselves as the real and, if care is not taken, the only solution to the crisis in Rivers State. 

Patience! Patience!! Patience!!! And more patience with the Civil Society groups, Human Rights groups, responsible opposition and focused leaders  who are determined to contain the profound pessimism that has enveloped government. This, not Her Imperial Majesty or the mindless subjection of Nigerians to another round of a game of luck come 2015 Electoral Year, is what the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the entire nation need in the few months remaining for this administration to expire. And if Mrs. Patience Jonathan is wise, she should engage more of those Israelis who are experts in security and risk management to begin to teach her how she can secure the life and legacies of her husband so as to arrive safely to 2015.

PDP is constituted at its very core by Satanism, corruption, terrorism, murder, blackmail and intolerance.  There is no way Gov. Amaechi can be a member of the PDP and sustain the fight he has begun. And he has worked his credibility so high, or so it seems, so much so that going back to the P.D.D hawks will usher in the kind of defeat that will be cruelly implicating of his safety.

Murder is lurking against the life of this achiever in Rivers State! Shameful impeachment and total disgrace is lurking at Aso Rock against this great son of the Niger Delta elevated and scandalously empowered by providence. It will be too fatal for President Goodluck Jonathan to ignore these dangers and move on to “pursue rats while his house and the entire Niger Delta hut” are swallowed up in cruel balls of fire. It is very important to note that General Sani Abacha must be turning in his grave at this point in time chewing the second finger of his right hand for killing or being instrumental to the killing of people whose deaths were never meant to be used to glorify him but rather alienated him further and eventually confined him to the dustbin of history. Let innocent men not soil their hands with the blood of their brothers in exchange for a mere calender paper that purports to hold any political power.This is what it means to replay the story of Cain and Abel.

And despite his many shortfalls, Our Lady holds out for Governor Amaechi at this critical moment of his life and the challenges arising therefrom. Therefore, a rebuke to murderers!

Through the powerful intercession and intervention of Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, God spoke directly to the Administration of Peter Odili which Rotimi Amaechi was part and parcel of using the homily I preached during the Holy Masses I celebrated at St Mary’s Aggrey Road and at the Catholic Institute of West Africa Port Harcourt respectively beginning from January to August 2006. The homilies are on print. And one is on tape.

For revealing and talking about P.D.P and even going a step further to destroy the Satanic Code – the real weapon with which they struck and destroyed the Administration of Peter Odili and which was also used to target Chief Mathew Obasanjo for instant and shameful death at Aso Rock, the P.D.P hawks in collaboration with the then Abia State Government organized and had me kidnapped at the Woji area of Port Harcourt on the 9th of July 2006 with the intention to use me for ritual in Benin.

The information they had about me was supplied by Chief Frank Owelle, Sir A.C. Onuh (KSM) and Sir E.C. Mejeh (KSM) of the Catholic Diocese of Aba. The members of the Vikings (Port Harcourt) and Pirates (Abia State University as led/directed by Mr Chinedu Orji, son of the present Governor of Abia State) cults respectively provided the technical support and the logistics for my abduction.

While the members of the Viking were insistent on taking me to Benin to Chief Tony’s house (whatever that means) in accord with an outstanding instruction, the Pirates acted faster. They (Pirates) wanted me instantly dead so as to be brought back to Aba, precisely to my Bishop, to be buried as a prodigal son. In actual fact, my corpse was to be consciously displaced at the mortuary and would latter be sent to Minna while another corpse was to be buried in place of mine but as Rev. Fr. Kenneth Evurulobi.

The high echelon in P.D.P was aware that Pirates, not the Vikings, were in possession of the authentic instruction from above. It used the instruction it gave to the Vikings as a strategy to cut them off and bring them to a blind alley on my actual whereabouts latter – very much latter when the deed had been concluded. The rest will become, first of all a story, then history – the history of a prodigal and disobedient priest who died in the most shameful way but was received and given a befitting burial by a forgiving and loving father who has never had any positive returns for his huge efforts and investments save crucifixion, betrayal and blackmail.

I ceased the opportunity of the confusion and the disagreement generated between the Vikings and the Pirates to manage a narrow escape.

Chief T.A. Orji, incumbent governor of Abia State is the beneficiary of this marriage of convenience between the Church in Aba as represented by members of the Knight of St. Mulumba and the Secret Cult called P.D.P which parades itself as a registered political party.

To cover up this atrocity and kill every record, I have been presented to the innocent members of the Church both in Aba and elsewhere as an incurable mad man.

And the Board of Trustees of the Catholic Diocese of Aba has deployed every of their resources to this end. All those who have stood up to the challenges which this arrangement has thrown up for the Church in Aba in respect of my person have been blackmailed. Attempts have been made on their lives. The person of Rev. Fr. Barr I. G. Nwoko towers higher. The Bishop and the so-called Board of Trustees of the Catholic Diocese of Aba have concluded plans to assassinate him and myself. All these are an effort to cover up the report I sent to the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in 2006 to the effect that the Knighthood of St. Mulumba is monumentally involved in occultism, precisely, Ogboni Fraternity (See letter to the CDF below).

As a one time parish priest of Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Umuagbai, Obohia Road Aba,  a five-man gang (members of the Knighthood)conspired and usurped the juridical personality of the entire parish to institute a canonical action against me at the Diocesan Court.and the Bishop was allowed to exercise his function as a judge.Why are the Knighthood and the hierarchy of the Church in Aba afraid to allow due Canonical Process take its full course? Why is a bishop afraid to appear before a legitimately constituted tribunal of the Universal Church? At the root of the crisis at the Catholic Diocese of Ahiara are the abuse of office, corruption and terrorism that have silently come to envelope the official ecclesiastical life of the Church in Nigeria, and the usurpations of offices of the universal Church by criminally minded ecclesiastical touts and irredentist enthusiasts over and against the voice of reason and demands of conscience.

The issues in contention here in respect of Fr (Barr)I.G Nwoko are now in court. But counting on the support of the Abia State Government and in collaboration with a high-powered P.D.P network, the Catholic Bishop of Aba and the Board of Trustees of the Catholic Diocese of Aba have no regard for law, both civil and canonical.

Few months back, and consequent upon this, I submitted a written statement as a Witness to the Criminal Investigations Department of the Nigerian Police, Abia State Command, Umuahia to the effect that Most Rev Vincent Valentine Ezeonyia, CSSP, Catholic Bishop of Aba is a kidnapper, a murderer and a fraudster. And I have sent the documents substantiating my claims to the police. On June 4, I did a review of that petition in the light of new developments and addressed it directly to the Inspector General of Police.

 Threatened by PDP, the only way to survive is to let the world know that the vultures and the foxes have gathered for a meeting in the neighborhoods. This is very important so that every security conscious neighbor will have to keep guard and be guided on how not to play into the hands of a hungry leopard.

Does anyone need to be told that religious harlotry – a designate character of the 666 – is an official tool in P.D.P.? The language is” Please Flush After Use”. That is, when you have finished using the “Condom” (any person, institution, organization, etc that is not and cannot be called P.D.P’s) for a “Short time” or “T.D.B”, flush him/her/it out. That’s what they did to Yar’dua. That’s what they did to Peter Odili. That’s what they are doing to Gov. Amaechi. And they will turn around to do it to Jonathan at their own time when they feel he has taken a cupful of the poison of greed and betrayal against loyal but constructive critics of the government of prodigality which he holds in trust for the national princes and queens who, presently, are at large.

That is to say that the forces at work are legion and deceptively hidden behind pious national aspirations which are in turn tasked to imprecise  mutilations of settled questions through overt corrupt insinuations.
Thus, Sovereign National Conference, not Igbo presidency or dominance of the political space by Christians, is the only liberative option available to all those who are opposed to the Somalization|Burundization project in Nigeria. Monumentally, it holds the fulcrum for evolving and asserting the imperative of religious freedom.

While preaching a homily at the Corpus Christi Cathedral, Port Harcourt in remembrance of the sixty beautiful pupils of the Loyola Jesuit College who lost their lives during the ill-fated Sosoliso flight that crash-landed at the Port Harcourt International Airport, the President of the College said:

      “Unused and Misused powers led those children to their death.”

I think this hard phrase by an internationally accomplished missionary diplomat was a forecast of the Jonathan power-burden today more than it is for the Chibuike Amaechi administration.

May Rivers people, nay all Nigerians- therefore be all the more united and rise to the challenges of colonization and perfidy posed by a Cabal that operates with the face of a political party.

Below are a series of reports/letters (PRESS RELEASE) I have presented in regard of the many challenges of leadership/governance in Nigeria and the mysterious dimension that has been introduced riding on the ignorance and greed of our brothers and sisters in the political field. According to Our Lady of Fatima, President Goodluck Jonathan has been pushed to a corner where he has to battle exactly the same forces former President Yar’dua battled with in Aso Rock before he eventually surrendered to the cold hands of death. . I have published them here (especially the Open Letter to Mr. President) because the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Our Lady of Fatima has instructed to this effect in respect of the activities of Mrs Dame Patience Jonathan).

                                                              PRESS RELEASE
I am here today in a solidarity visit to General Muhammadu Buhari, not as a politician but as a strong collaborator in the search for truth about our country Nigeria.
As a catholic priest and an intercessor after the heart of Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, I and my prayer partners have committed this nation to God in prayer. We have not only prayed for the quick recovery of our dear president, we have also asked God to show this nation the way forward. And by the special support of our Blessed Lady, God has not failed us.
I make this journey all the way from Abia State to Kaduna on behalf of myself and my prayer partners in order to escape the observation of Martin Luther King Jnr. that:
“The hottest part of hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict”.
And to abide by the words of Ellen White that:
“In a world of compromise and half truths; the greatest want of the world is the want of men - men who will not be bought or sold; men who in their inmost souls are true and honest; men who do not fear to call sin by its right name; men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle is to the pole; men who will stand for the right, though heavens fall.”
The situation of Nigeria currently is and remains a very strong appeal to such men of integrity as described by Ellen White many years ago. And Gen. Buhari is one of such men. I am here to pray you not to relent.
The many contrived electoral failures that have been employed to make a caricature of your divinely ordained vision for and mission in our dear nation must not be mistaken for what they are or represent –the devil’s strategy for distraction. On this ground, I urge you to ignore the temptations which the formation of a Mega Party present to you, and instead revisit your decision to quit ANPP.             
The crisis in the banking sector, the presidency and the National Assembly are all contrived, and are intricately linked up with the effort to castrate the other political parties that have provided credible and consistent opposition to the satanic schemes of the Cabal that wears the PDP mask. Leaving ANPP at this point in time portends a very serious threat to the hope you hold on trust for many of us, not as politicians but as citizens who are severely thirsty for change and for responsible leadership. The intention governing the activities of the Cabal is to rid the political field of the timbers and calibers whose intimidating credentials may constitute a strong opposition to the monster who has been positioned to take over government completely come 2011. Even though the credentials of some of these people have been bruised somehow, we as their brothers and sisters must forgive them and lend them a hand of rescue from the PDP concentration camp where they have been held hostage.
The situation currently portends great danger not only for democracy but also for the unity of Nigeria. Today, and for obvious reasons, it may not be a show of disrespect to refer to the National Assembly as a gathering of rich fools and a meeting of nincompoops. And since it is clear that the decisions of the majority of them no longer reflect the will and aspirations of the people who elected them but the interests and bias of the Cabal that imposed them on Nigerians, it has become imperative to evolve a medium that will adequately address the many failures of our Constitution before the so-called National Assembly re-cycles the bias and interest of their employers and turn around to impose these on us as a Reviewed Constitution.
It is important to clarify what I mean by PDP. PDP is a democratic project that was stolen at gun point from Alex Ekwueme, Atiku Abubakar and other well meaning prominent Nigerians that made  up the membership of the group of the G38 and who sincerely wanted to translate the hope ushered in by the democratic era in 1999 into concrete terms. This noble aspiration which held a great significance for growth and development in Nigeria became a powerful threat to the over-arching pretentious ambition of a man who felt he alone was qualified to occupy Aso Rock for life. Unfortunately for him the peoples’ will compelled him to “step aside”. Everybody thought he had gone home to rest, but instead he went home to mobilize against the people.  During the Abacha’s infamous regime, he wore the mask of the K-Squad, created enemies - real and imagined – for Abacha and sold the idea of murder to him as the only option. At the end, Abacha emerged as the fool who killed for his unknown boss. He sold the Third Term Project to former President Chief Mathew Obasanjo through cronies as a self-destruct construct and then presented himself as a true democrat. Unfortunately for him Obasanjo realized himself, became diplomatic, tagged along with him in collaboration with Peter Odili. This time around, he has successfully worked on President Umaru Musa Yar’dua by prompting the First Lady, Alhaja Turai  Yar’dua to assume presidential powers and stand-in for her husband instead of standing by him at this critical moment of decision-making in the life of this selfless and committed leader incapacitated by ill health. He does this hiding behind Northern interests. As he creates Judases and Brutuses for the ailing president, he alone remains the trusted friend and the only solution to the problem. In as much as we must resist the temptation, as prompted by unevaluated emotions and sentiments, to buy into the foolishness and greed of our own brothers and sisters, we must courageously resolve to save our democracy and federal institutions from further caricature and from being reduced totally to mere instruments at the service of executive rascality.
Indeed, as George Elliot has correctly pointed, no other disposition is a security, whatsoever, to a man whose hopes hang on duplicity. In this regard therefore, and in the full and unreserved acknowledgement of the hope and promise you hold for the ordinary citizens of this nation, and the significance of all the regions for the continued existence and unity of Nigeria as one Nation bound in freedom, I hereby ask you to help me deliver this Open Letter to Mr. President, Umaru Musa Yar’dua, together with this call for the meeting of the Council of Elders, for as Prof (Mrs.) Dora Akunyili rightly quoted an Igbo proverb, “an elder does not stay at home and watch the goat get strangulated at the stake.     


Rev. Fr. Kenneth Evurulobi  
March 2nd , 2010. 


Chief Mathew  Olusegun  Aremu Obasanjo
Founder of Modern Nigeria (fmn)

Member, National Elder’s Forum (NEF)

Chief Obasanjo put his life at stake for this nation. The fact that he had to opt out of the “AGREEMENT” despite the huge risks involved so as to reverse the direction to which Nigeria was heading is a testimony to this. The Third Term Project was a dubious project floated by PDP and sold to Chief Obasanjo. Those who conceived the third term Project never ever wanted it to work but employed it as a tool to discredit, destabilize and destroy Obasanjo’s credentials and records so as to reduce him to a victim at their mercy.
In other words, the Third Term was conceived with huge national resources to put Mr. President out of favour with the people and hand him over, as a guilty criminal to a cabal at whose mercy and command he must, from then henceforth, submit himself, otherwise…
Obasanjo merely tagged along with them because that alone seemed to be the only alternative to a Satanic Presidency designed after the vision of a Saddam Hussein – at the heart of this vision is a terrorist and terrorized state with tentacles in Africa, and cutting across the globe. Obasanjo’s blatant refusal was not meant to be a conscious  betrayal against Atiku Abubakar and other party loyalists, but a courageous and sincere effort expended in the enthronement of a higher and more superior good - National, Regional            and Global Security. For instance, it was the Cabal who pitched Atiku against Obasanjo, and then played Atiku into the hands of Ribadu.  
Obasanjo truly knows more than anybody else that Yar’dua was  chronically sick but that he never would die. Yar’dua is not corrupt. Yar’dua, as of then, was not of the IBB stock. With the PDM at the background, Yar’dua enjoyed a massive Northern Support. Goodluck Jonathan shared the same qualities with Yar’dua. Now, the reasoning was that if IBB, hiding behind the North to pursue his selfish ambition to return to Aso Rock –a pet project he has nursed over the years, decides to quicken the death of this kinsman for his own selfish ambition, then the presidency will automatically and naturally fall into the waiting hands of the South South. Thus, as far as Obasanjo was concerned, the North could keep the presidency but not in the hands of a terrorist like IBB. To be sincere, Obasanjo was not fighting IBB for his own selfish reasons. After all, he had every reason to be grateful, and loyal to IBB – the release from prison and the elevation to the Presidency. But in doing all these, it was IBB who was discovered to have not been honest. Obasanjo’s experience with Abacha forced him to come to appreciate the realities of state terrorism and the implications of this for the millions of Nigerians out there. Being the soldier he was, he fought on, and with the courage and dedication of people like Ribadu, Akunyili, etc, he managed to inch forward.   It was discovered that the Killing Machine employed by late Gen. Abacha was in existence before him and its roots go far beyond the Abacha saga. Gen. Abacha merely borrowed it to hunt imaginary enemies. It is unfortunate  that Yar’dua has played Nigeria back into the hands of this fraudulent parentage.
      One thing Obasanjo did not understand was that the “AGREEMENT” which he signed under severe and deadly oath was a Mystical Document which cannot be reversed, unless the SEAL was broken and destroyed. Thus when Obasanjo got a copy of the Homily I preached at CIWA Chaplaincy on 01/01/2006 titled “Mary: Mother of God And Mother of Us All In Nigeria” as a security report from Peter Odili, he was relieved. Obasanjo and Odili fast tracked the total destruction of this AGREEMENT. From the 6th -8th July, 2006, this document was destroyed. It is the role Peter Odili and Chief Obasanjo played in the destruction of this document, more than any thing else, that is the reason for their present ordeals. Their fate, as different from and opposed to that of Ibori and Kalu, is the fate of all who are directly or indirectly opposed to state terrorism and Satanism. Just like the sacked Bank Chiefs, they may be    guilty to a very high degree but then they belong to us. The cabal is taking over the final institutions in Nigeria . The sacked Bank Chiefs must be allowed to return to their duty posts and be given the opportunity sustained by careful monitoring  to put their houses in order. Mrs Cecilia Ibru is unjustly marked “X”. Who actually has She offended?  
     Odili did not contest for the Presidency but for the Vice President. However, his presidential posture was meant to be used as a bargaining slot with North. Unfortunately, Ribadu came calling on him in a response to the call of duty but more on the promptings of Northern Elements who suspected that Odili had been favoured by Obasanjo to the discredit of the North , and Obasanjo knew the stuff Ribadu was made of. When Obasanjo and Odili saw the danger posed by Ribadu’s intervention (Ribadu is a finely refined, determined, unstoppable and totally dedicated cop who wanted to make a strong impact doing his job), they scampered for safety, piped low and surrendered to providence instead of to IBB. Herein lies the truth about the emergence of Yar’dua as Mr. President. The North cannot authentically claim that Obasanjo intended to dupe them by imposing Yar’dua on them. Even if  such a claim could be sustained, the North had the opportunity to reverse this using the Presidential Election Tribunal but they all kept mum.  Unfortunately, spurred  by an insatiable geed for power  more than the regalia of the Messiah he is wearing now,  Rotimi Amaechi could not be realistic with the turn of events at the eve of the 2007 Elections. Left on his own, Yar’dua would have successfully completed his tenure and would be healthy enough to re-contest. Because time was no longer on the side of the “I”, he had to move fast in order to stop Yar’dua. Piecemeal by piecemeal, the Iroko fell to the plot of poison served right from his wife’s kitchen but whose (the wife) attention was diverted from the real issue at work. In the latest arrangement that was mistaken for the execution of an Islamic Agenda (steps to Islamization of Nigeria), a Saudi Doctor was recruited to rest the Yar’dua case so as to create room for a true, fearless, courageous and dedicated Islamic Jihadist to emerge. It was intended that after the “act” , Yar’dua would be brought home to die but the result of the act was more, very much more than bargained. It did not kill Yardua clinically only but also resulted in a facial collapse. Again, I am forced to admit that Turai does not know the real faces of her sons-in-law. Against the background of Turai –poor Turai_(I am becoming emotional), it is important to note that when moles are planted around you, you hear only what they want you to   hear, and see only what they want you to see and believe only what they want you to believe. This is the function of moles.
Chief Anthony Enahoro
Chairman, NEF.
Chief Gani Fawehmni
Honoured, even in death. The Gani Chambers can take up this assignment on behalf of their Principal.
The President of Afenifere

Chief Wole Soyinka




Prof Tam David West





Justice Chukwudifu Oputa

Chief Emeka Odimegwu Ojukwu

Mr Raymond EKPU

Justice Muhammed Lawal Uwais

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar

Msgr Mathew Hassan Kukah

The Sultan of Sokoto

The President of Ohaneze

The President of CAN

The President of ACF

Mr Femi Falana





*          The National Elders Forum (NEF) is a body of distinguished elderly Nigerians who are noted for their courage, integrity and passion for the twin issues that are involved in the building up of a stronger, viable and functional Nigeria as a federal state –regional interest and national unity.

*          Each of them is encouraged to look across the length and breath of Nigeria and pick about twelve other people who, in their estimation possess the necessary qualities as stipulated above, and then together with these special twelve, do a total and exhaustive review of the 1979 and 1999 Constitution respectively within a space of Six calendar months after the inauguration of the NEF. A referendum must be held to this effect.

*          Armed with a copy of the Reviewed Constitution and having discharged his “other -selves”, each member of the NEF is now to return to the General Meeting of all the NEF members where a Central Working Committee (NWC) of the NEF as appointed by the Chairman Chief Enahoro and headed by Justice Muhammed Uwais, with Justice Chukwudifu Oputa as Secretary would be constituted. Membership of the NWC must be pegged compulsorily at 9. Their job is to do a comprehensive reconciliation of the different copies of the Reviewed Constitution, and reduce everything to one copy. This is the copy of our New Constitution. This must be done within (3) three months.

*          Nine weeks to the 2011 General Elections, Gen. Muhammed Buhari should be invited for a dialogue which will, among other things, consist in convincing him to adopt the New Constitution as the Nigerian Constitution    on assumption of office as the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

*          Convincing him to accept and sign the ministerial nominee list as given by the NEF.

*          Resource Control must be pegged at 30% .The tenure of elected office holders must be pegged at 4 years for federal, state and local government respectively.
*          Immediately after the Inauguration of the NASS, one of the first motions to be moved on both floors of the NASS is that of the Review of the Constitution. A joint Committee for the review of the Constitution is inaugurated with 12 members and 24 members each respectively from both houses and given 3 weeks only to do their work. The Committee is now to invite NEF for assistance and advice. The Reviewed Constitution is handed over to them by the NEF, with which they return to the House where the Reviewed Constitution is signed into law. Each member of the NEF is to be remunerated with N20m while each of his “other selves” is to be paid N5.5m. This money should be built into the budget through the NASS and made to reach the beneficiaries by being built into the official fund released to the Constitutional Review Committee of the NASS. The elders deserve some honour, and their work, if excellently done, will save the elders them the merciless sentence of history and embarrassment they would face in their encounter with future generations.


                   OPEN LETTER TO MR PRESIDENT

                                                                              Rev. Fr. Kenneth Evurulobi.C.
                                                                            Amuke Village
                                                                            Isiahaba Autonomous Community
                                                                            Isiala Ngwa South L.G.A.
                                                                           Abia State.
                                                                          August 15,2009.
His Excellency
Umaru Musa Yar’Adua
President and Commander-in-Chief
Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Dear Mr. President,

I am compelled by the circumstances of my ABDUCTION on the 9th of July, 2006 to comment on the topical issues that currently dictate the direction of government in Nigeria.
Around 1997, and in anticipation of the 1999 General Elections, the surprise and embarrassment that greeted those of us in Abia State at the sudden abduction and disappearance of men with hunchback has given way to the entrenchment of terrorism. Many states of the Federation had their peculiar share of this sinister story in their own different ways. And with the powerful institutions of government put at the service and disposal of terrorism, corruption (which wore the face of 419sm during the Ibrahim Babangida administration) was ceremoniously enthroned, personified and decorated with national awards. The power and influence wielded by such persons like Tony Anenih, Orji Uzor Kalu, James Ibori, Ibrahim Babangida, Chris Uba, to mention but a few, in government, would not permit a dissenting voice. The conscious efforts expended to frustrate the determination and courage of worthy citizens and ambassadors of our dear nation like Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and Mallam Nasir El-Rufai respectively are strikingly remarkable as stringent warning signals to other citizens who are nursing the intention of stepping into their shoes. Regardless of this, I however, think that we Nigerians know our heroes.
Mr President, it is interesting to know that today, you have found out that Amnesty marks the beginning of the solution to the problems of the Niger Delta as a region plagued by terrorism. It might interest you to note that it is not only in Niger Delta, MASSOB, OPC and Boko Haram that terrorism finds its greatest concentration. Those who stole billions of naira realized from the sale of crude oil and squander billions of Tax payer’s money are worst terrorists than hungry and angry youths who destroy oil installations. Is it not therefore logical that you extend the Amnesty programme to all the kidnappers and corrupt officials across the nation, and even, to the thieves that are trying to hide behind the sincere but unguarded zeal of Lamido Sanusi to steal the fruits of other people’s  labour.
 All through the duration of the military governance until the fateful turn it took with Abacha, millions of Nigerians including myself were always changing their inner wears as if they were a baby’s napkin. Those of us who have very weak or no backbones at all were hysterically fidgeted until God intervened. We all were happy and heaved a sigh of relief, not actually because we were going to become millionaires overnight, but that at least, the women could feel free to do their gossiping when they go to do their hair at the salon without nursing the fear that the walls have ears. And the men could feel relaxed sipping their beer at the beer- parlour without thinking that there had been a thunderbolt just because a  fellow out there sneezed or coughed. This smile has vanished from the faces of many Nigerians, and in place of it, anger and frustration have taken over. This annoyance arises not only out of the fact that billions of naira have been wasted building democratic and electoral toys, but also  that majority of Nigerians do not believe and have never believed in any government in Nigeria.
For them, the government they hear of is a mere phantom in their mind that is so indifferent to and has no relevance to their development and does nothing to alleviate their suffering. At best, they are astute diggers of an unmanned goldmine. No one needed to add insult to their injury or inflict fresh wounds, or recall to them the enormity of their helplessness and hopelessness by startling them out of their cocoons except for something serious like democracy. Their time needed not be wasted either, for any minute wasted during the day may cost a family the only pure water pack which the children would need so badly  for an only meal of sipped garri in a wealthy country like ours.
Indeed, Nigerians have managed, unaided but rather threatened by their own government, both past and present, to trek the deserted, rough and hostile road to freedom and survival.
The administration of former President Mathew Olusegun Obasanjo raised the hope of an average Nigerian but then, the former president made a lot of mistakes. The gravity of these mistakes was deepened further by the Third Term debacle. Nevertheless, despite his numerous weaknesses as a human being, Obasanjo nursed and worked towards an authentic vision of Nigeria that became a big suspect to oppressors who swore that such a Nigeria can never be born  otherwise their own trade will collapse unceremoniously like a pack of cards. The many betrayals suffered by the former president can be explained by the resolute fight he put up and his insistence on becoming the Head of his own government – the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and his stubborn refusal to accept the status of a mere appendage to an over-arching pretentious ambition which a demon-infested party allocated to him. Had he accepted this especially as this relates to a Satanic AGREEMENT, Obasanjo would have been made to become the darling of most Nigerians, including the party called PDP.
As the President, Obasanjo was actually a man in a serious dilemma. Like Odewale in Ola Rotimi’s play “The Gods Are Not To Blame”, Obasanjo’s destiny as Mr. President was already written in lurid idioms before he came to power – a good child born by an Evil Genius. To be the president he was supposed to be and move Nigeria forward required that he disengages from his godfathers and destroy everything about their vision and mission, and then turn around and marry democracy-the mother that gave birth to him. Giving his background as a soldier and the pretensions of his party, that marriage was a process and highly incestuous. Obasanjo did not shy away from this but instead made a bold effort to embrace his destiny despite the embarrassment, shame and scandal. The Owu Chief told everyone who cared to listen that the devil- the Evil Genius, was bad.
Thus attempts to cut a summary picture of former President Mathew Olusegun Obasanjo’s  eight year rule without a deep and sincere appreciation of a rewarding effort expended by him to assemble together the dismembered skeletal parts of a dying nation, redefine the vague and disadvantaged concept of national unity, giving it a new face, as well as invented a formidable fighting machinery from disparate forces to sustain this unity and move the nation forward, will show only the torso of a local and international gangster.As a prisoner just released from Abacha’s gulag, what other resources had OBASANJO as he assumed the mantle of leadership except his undiluted zeal for the unity of Nigeria- a need that was so critical at that time. To begin with, how many Yorubas are happy with Obasanjo? He had to destroy A.D., immobilize NADECO, Afenifere and O.P.C. so as to spare some oil for the wheels of the Nigerian nation. If Obasanjo did this to his kinsmen, then those who are committed to authenticity as members of the different ethnic groups may grudge as human beings who they are, but they must also be realistic when such necessary diplomatic pinches excite their nerves, forcing their arms be squeezed. Again Obasanjo was a man of many predicaments. To be objective, no matter the credentials Obasanjo paraded, as far as the average Igbo man was concerned consciously or unconsciously, Obasanjo was already very guilty for the role he played during the civil war. To the man from South South, it was now time for Obasanjo to compensate them for their loyalty (or betrayal against Biafra?) during the civil war. To the Northerners, Obasanjo was a lackey they put on the saddle, and so must remain that way. To the South Westerners, it was now their turn to re-live the Awolowo days for the Yoruba tribe. Obasanjo proved all these geo-political zones wrong, except the Igbos. Along this line, one has to remark that, in the murky political waters and slippery diplomatic terrains marked along strong ethnic antiphons, such mistakes are not unpardonable since they are unfortunate fall-outs of credible and responsible governance. However, the level of Obasanjo’s success cannot be correctly measured without reference to the scandal of a Yar’dua, not as a person per se but as a product of electoral fraud. And ambushed from all sides by the perfected satanic schemes of the Evil Genius, did the Owu Chief have any viable alternative to the inauguration of a Satanic Presidency except a Yar’dua?
The case of Peter Odili, former governor of Rivers State is so pathetic. To have not believed that the deafening sounds of sycophantic drums that entertained the former occupant of the Brick House would have some sinister reverberations has come to prove fatal. Indeed, the truth is that those drums subtly escaped, in the most cunning way, the rays of suspicion including the watchful eyes of the State House of Assembly. What a shame! Peter Odili may not be the thief Rivers people are looking for as you are not the target of the frustrations and anger of many Nigerians. Peter Odili’s story is like that of an unreservedly generous beautiful woman. Such a lady would always have difficulties establishing her innocence even when she is not guilty. At this point, suffice it to mention that Rotimi Amaechi is, without prejudice to Apostle Paul, a lonely latecomer to good governance in Rivers State. This truth can only be appreciated by discerning and matured minds.
And there is yet no peace in Rivers State and by implication in the Niger Delta and in the entire nation except if the people have resolved to accept the peace of a grave yard as offered by the Vikings and their old Boys, or as implemented by PDP in strict accord with the Vision of Satanists.
Hence the real lesson of Obasanjo’s tragedy, and of course that of Peter Odili is that the fatal combination of nationalist zeal on the one hand, and a frolic experimentation on the peoples will on the other hand produces a taste too bitter than the stuff treachery itself is made of. While the former signifies a prodigious reward which Obasanjo and Odili have acquired respectively by a stint of hard work over the years as statesmen and social crusaders, the latter depicts a criminal proclivity that is born and nourished  from the guile and bluff employed to oil the discredited wheels of a mischievous political party. Nevertheless, a correct evaluation cannot ignore the numerous contusions inflicted on the imposing Obasanjo and Odili personality respectively, neither can anything excuse from responsibility for the conurbation of a kleptocratic clique which grew around them. The difference between Obasanjo and Odili is that while the former, as a soldier (soldiers never die) usurped the place of a national exorcist and wielded the big stick threatening fire and brimstone (plus holy ghost thunder), the latter as a civilian and a democrat took the path of dialogue forgetting that, even though human beings can and must dialogue with one another, no one dines and dialogues with the Devil as personified by the Evil Genius and his cohorts. Dialogue is the most authentic mark of a true democrat. But then dialogue provides for some common basic principles that are shared together by the parties involved despite their mountainous differences and crippling disagreements. These basics must be seen to harbour and nurture the inescapable ingredients of justice and freedom without which no authentic dialogue can be said to have taken place.
Thus, emphatically, as a product of Obasanjo’s seemingly criminal maneuvers, you represented not only an alternative to a Satanic Presidency but also, in principle, as a strong rebuke to it. Again you were a symbol of honesty, availability and service. As the former Governor of Katsina State, your achievements in this regard are a loud testimony. But as a Mr President, there seems to have been an eclipse.
Since the return of the democratic era in 1999, probing and discerning minds have not ceased to be rattled at the huge patronage PDP has enjoyed despite the scragginess and deficiencies that inescapably define her ideologies and policies. In actual fact, PDP’s programmes and policies have been discovered to be scandalously and notoriously cosmetic and hypocritical. PDP is a carricaturesque picture of justice and freedom. It is a decorated swallowing grave for real nationalists, true statesmen and committed democrats. It is a political Babylon. Against this background, permit me to fall back on Lenard Hand who said that “motives have easily accredited the credentials of questionable proposals”, and thus admonished that “no one should overlook to rebuke and rebuff those whose convictions are due to the un-resisted bias of their interests”.
The reason for the huge patronage which PDP enjoys today is not far-fetched. And I implore you not to allow this deceive you. Clandestine integrity often times consciously or unconsciously describes the fabrics mediocrity is made of. And when it is allowed to covet undue privileges to itself, it constitutes the greatest miscreant to good judgment. At this point, it is only an introspective mindset which holds the key to a jubilant personality defrocked of questionable credentials and safe from the heat of public odium.
 For someone who forms an integral element to an impious but authoritative affirmation, the burden to the proof of authenticity becomes an issue of manifest commitment to practical inundation which can, often times, be misconstrued as a sublime expression of jaundiced affection, as, for instance, in the case of the former president.
Again, the tangential appreciation of the lofty significance of our status as free beings and the implication of this for existential decisions must have to be regarded as an irascible energy which transforms us into unrepentant though unconscious victims of mediocrity. Unless this appreciation is full, the story of life and everything it stands for is reduced to a scatting oration or at best becomes a long introduction to foggy ontology. Between slavery and freedom, the score for human action must be persuaded to emerge.
Benard Lonergan is one of my elderly friends in the priesthood, though unfortunately, I did not meet him in person before he died few years back. Nevertheless, I must say, without any fear of contradiction that I have been a regular visitor and researcher in his powerfully influential literary domain. In one of such visits, I engaged him in a dialogue on the definition of the term authenticity through the instrumentality of two editors – T.J. Farrel and P.A. Soukup. He defined it as the precarious and ever-developing state of a human being reached only by long and sustained faithfulness to the transcendental precepts. These precepts are: Be Attentive; Be Intelligent; Be Reasonable and, Be in Love. Lonergan, however, distinguished a two-fold authenticity: a minor authenticity of the person regarding faithfulness to the tradition that nourishes him or her; and a major authenticity that is able to justify or condemn the tradition itself when the failures of individuals become the norm.
More so, the height attained by the most obedient and humble person who is standing outside the embrace of freedom is only the gold-coated side of the coin of a canonized cowardice. Consequently, every authentic subject of obedience, no matter its nature, even one which claims to belong to the divine hierarchy, is always and must necessarily be found to be an author, or co-author, or at least, an astute defender of the solemn dictates of freedom. Such a subject cannot stand outside the ground of freedom but must be an insider because the accredited facilitators of freedom do not and cannot survive outside the environment governed by freedom itself. For this reason, I pity you, Mr President. You are a Saint – a man tutored in the school of frugality and selfless service but unfortunately surrounded by unknown wolves and unseen foes. If the anti- corruption war had been vigorously pursued, the re-branding exercise would have been in order. But as it stands today, corruption thrives with vigour. Corruption is futuristically volcanic in its eruptions and highly corrodes the structures and edifices of society. The harm done is more grave than the visible effects of violent attacks on oil installations.
PDP(People’s Democratic Party) is harbouring more dangerous terrorists and militants than those found in the creeks of the Niger Delta, in the hinter lands of the South East, and those outlandish types wearing the face of cultural and religious revivalism in the South West and in the North respectively. PDP represents the contradictions, rottenness and bloody systems which many in this nation including Dele Giwa, NADECO, Gani Fawhemi and your elder brother Alhaji Shehu Musa Yar’dua died for. Our people say that he who sells the puppy and buys the pussy cat still has a squatting animal to contend with. An worst still, as former U.S. president Mr. Roosevelt correctly pointed out, no man can tame a tiger into a kitten by stroking it. There can be no appeasement with ruthlessness. There can be no reasoning with an incendiary bomb.
Mr. President, you may perhaps be aware of the fact that:
·    Many hard working men and women in Aba and other cities in Nigeria are fleeing to the villages only to meet those in the villages fleeing also – to nowhere. Terrorism wearing the faces of corruption, kidnapping, cultism and militancy is what greets all of us not only in the creeks of the Niger Delta but also in all facets of our life as a nation. At the end, the common man is the helpless and defenseless victim.
*          A 14/18 seater bus driver pays his way through, to the Police from Owerri to Port Harcourt, and or from Port Harcourt to Owerri, per trip at the cost of N900.00 (excluding the money paid to Agbero as loading fee) for no other reason than that the Police has a trigger-ready gun to shoot at sight some imaginary highway criminals, yet the police cannot come to our aid when the real armed robbers strike because the Police does not have enough ammunitions and there is no fund to take care of logistics arising there from. We all had thought that toll fees had been built into the pump prize of petroleum products as taxes.
*          Decisions about our individual and collective destiny and the destiny of our national institutions are taking and ratified in an occult meeting by professional Satanists before they can be made a subject of white-washed public discussion already designed to be unproductive.
*          A 14/18 seater bus driver from Eleme Junction, Port Harcourt to Eleme Town pays a compulsory fee of not less than N900.00 to touts at Eleme Junction everyday he goes to work and, at the same time, the security of your fellow citizens are abandoned at the mercy of these hoodlums not only at Eleme Junction but also at the different strategic junctions across the nation. This however is said without prejudice to NURTW.
*          An average University student (both male and female) in Nigeria is compelled to belong to one secret campus cult or another before he/she can be given the opportunity to study in peace (?) and graduate properly.
*          `Thousands of Nigerians are dying everyday from simple curable diseases because the hospitals lack the necessary affordable equipments and drugs. In addition to this, the government cannot afford to pay just wages to qualified medical personnel because the funds that have been mapped out for this is used for a costly medical trip overseas and to handsomely remunerate thugs, kidnappers, cultists and clairvoyants for some “special duties” carried out on behalf of  and with the resources of government.
*          Many Nigerians sustain serious injuries and die prematurely as they grope their way through thick DARKNESS not only in their different homes, offices and shops but also in our federal, state and community roads respectively where portholes and gutters have assumed the status of ready-made graves. Have you taken time off to inspect a constituency project (for instance, water, health, education facilities) executed by any member of the National Assembly and then compare the quality of the job with the amount that was voted for it.
*          In Abuja at Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent just behind your window and in the different cities across the nation, some lovely/handsome, intelligent and promising but frustrated young boys and girls (not professional harlots) are being turned into harlots, lesbians and homosexuals in an Islamic/Christian country as the only condition for them to be taken care of with our natural resources that are concentrated into the hands of the privileged few both in government and in business. These privileged few(without prejudice to  hard earned wealth and reputation)  come in  dazzling posh cars to pick their preys  and take them to their tastefully furnished castles, yet after everything, some of them never return alive. Many of these children who think out an alternative are those stranded or serving out different jail terms in Italy, USA, London, China, Bangkok, UAE, Libya, Turkey, etc. Others are the crowd of hawkers and the disengaged okada riders on the Nigerian Streets. In the estimation of these vultures these young boys and girls are not fit to live in decent houses, go to good schools, make use of good roads and earn dignifying salaries but only fit to decorate the beds and quench the beastial appetites of the privileged few who have converted our natural resources to a private property. While many of these children are trooping into the labour markets from the Universities and apprentice shops, others in their millions are helplessly and hopelessly trapped between the out-gates of the secondary schools and in-gates of the post secondary institutions, and yet there is nothing for them. No jobs. No food. No security. No hope. Our industries are closing down daily. Nothing,except pornography, cultism, militancy, thuggery, harlotry, Yahoosim and 419sm.
*          In the different federal ministries and institutions, workers cannot afford a biro, or at best, a biro costs as much as N500.00 in their Accounts Book.
Mr President, do I need to enumerate further? I do think that enumerating further on these would make you sick all the more. Today, help may be at a distance. Security may be on the drawing board. But Mr. President, HOPE is an imperative. Man lives in hope, otherwise, he is as good as a corpse. 80% of Nigerians are walking corpses before your very eyes.
Mr. President it might interest you to know that, even as I hold Marxist ideology in total disdain, I am not unaware of the excesses and over-arching pretensions of capitalism. However, I am a stubborn believer – a belief born out of strong convictions, in Social Justice. Social Justice is an imperative for any society aspiring to growth and development.
Terrorists and militants are not worth dying for, they are worth fighting against. Whatever form, shape or size they assume, and wherever they are found, they must be denied every form of legitimacy and be compelled to take responsibility for their actions.
What is needed in Nigeria- a need that pokes its fingers on the face of every citizen – is a kind of functional rationalization, structuralization and stabilization that will have the power to bring people down from the pinnacle of illusion and deception to which PDP has satanically catapulted them to the scandalously neglected realities in the moral, political, social, cultural, economic and spiritual life. In this framework, things formerly valued in a decadent society may become targets of our disapproval especially as we conquer the grips of ignorance and become more conscious of the effects of terrorism, occultism, corruption and despotism. Obasanjo towed this path courageously but with a certain intolerable pride hanging over his head like an albatross.
During the Polish struggle for liberation, Rev. Fr. Jerzy  noted that “if we lack freedom, it is because we submit to falsehood. It is because we don’t expose it, don’t dispute it each and everyday. We don’t try to rectify it. We remain silent, pretending to accept it. That’s how we come to live in falsehood”.
Forgive me, Mr. President, for my temerity. It is just that this is where the search for the truth has made me stand. Am I to blame! To love truth sincerely, writes Lenard Hand in an article titled “Democracy: Its Presumptions And Realities (1932), means to pursue it with an earnest conscientious, unflagging zeal. It means to be prepared to follow the light of evidence even to most unwelcome conclusions and as well have  the courage to accept them; it means  to labour earnestly to emancipate the mind from early prejudices, to resist the current of desires and the refracting influences of the passions, to proportion on all occasions, conviction to evidence, and to be ready, if need be, to exchange the calm assurance for all the suffering of a perplexed and disturbed mind. To do this is very difficult and very painful, but it is clearly involved in the notion of earnest love of truth.
The Niger Delta struggle is genuine and overdue especially given the corruption that is rocking the boat of leadership in Nigeria. Amnesty presupposes guilt and criminality. Accepting Amnesty requires, first of all the admission of criminality and guilt whether this is done implicitly or explicitly, consciously or unconsciously. Also, if amnesty plus some peanuts from the Federal Government in the form of few roads to be amended and few scholarships to be awarded serve the needs of the moment, would they also appease the hunger for justice of future generations of Niger Delta Youths when these peanuts expire as they must surely. Or have these Youths not been labeled criminals and proved guilty already, and put at the mercy of the Federal Government even before they are born with a natural quest for justice? If MEND is committed to the Niger Delta struggle and has found out and thus regret the faulty methods it has employed in the course of the struggle, it should not be talking about amnesty and monetary inducements. It should rather be talking of a ceasefire in anticipation of a dialogue with the Federal Government of Nigeria. I therefore pitch tent with Alhaji Asari Dokubo, and call upon government to deal decisively with terrorists, militants and kidnappers.
The most effective and authentic re-branding of our sick and decaying country which serves at the same time as an incomparable alternative to an insipid amnesty palliative can only be brought about by a Constitutional Review, not as dictated to a national assembly that has the shape of the gathering of rich fools and the meeting of nincompoops but something in the neighborhood of a Sovereign National Conference. The Niger Delta problem like many other problems plaguing the nation is a constitutional issue.
The fact that one owns a good job or a thriving business or works in an oil conglomerate, earns fat salary and drives big air-conditioned cars along streets ravaged by poverty does not mean that one is safe. Until basic demands of security are made, nobody is safe. The political riddle which PDP is peddling around in Nigeria has nothing to do with Amnesty and Re-branding. It is about the most dangerous threat to security – national, regional and global security.
Moreso, to be a good information officer requires that such a person be well informed. Well meaning Nigerians are beginning to show great concern about the deteriorating credibility of this great and beautiful angel who walks the streets of Nigeria wearing the personality of Dora Akunyili. Between Dora Akunyili and the Nigeria that is the vision of PDP, who actually is re-branding who?
Mr. President, I am surprised that I set out originally to encourage you in few words but has ended up writing a letter reminiscent of Mariama Ba’s “So Long A Letter.” Would your tight schedule and the PDP hawks around you oblige you a moment’s reflection on this long essay? If not, then may your leadership eyes catch those few admonitions:
*          Princes master their feelings to fulfill their duties. Others bend their heads and in silence accept a destiny that oppresses them.  
                                                                                    - Mariama Ba
*          Across the generations we have proclaimed the imperative of self-government, because no one is fit to be a master, and no one deserves to be a slave.
- George Bush
*          The great objective of ending tyranny is the concentrated work of generations. The difficulty of the task is no excuse for avoiding it.
                                                                                                - George Bush
*          The call of freedom comes to every mind and every soul. We do not accept the existence of permanent tyranny because we do not accept the possibility of permanent slavery. Liberty will come to those who love it.
- George Bush
*          We are confident that the desire for freedom, even when repressed for generations, is present in every human heart. And the desire can emerge with sudden power to change the course of history.  - George Bush
*          Before history is written in books, it is written in courage – the courage of honorable soldiers; the courage of oppressed peoples; the courage of free nations in difficult tasks.
                                                              - George Bush
If only it is possible for me to swim to the creeks! I desire to have audience with those of my brothers whose passion for the truth has driven them into the deserts and oceans. I desire to parley with Asari Dokubo in his struggle for freedom and self-determination, for, even though we greatly differ in method we are strongly united in spirit. If only my name can be found worthy to be written in MASSOB’s register as an instructor on how the law of the land can be kept even as we pursue our goal for freedom.
My strong and unhidden sympathy is sponsored by the fact that Nigerians must be encouraged to demonstrate greater resoluteness in their effort to come out of this monstrous Babylonic Umbrella into which PDP has forced all of us into in Nigeria.
Or do we go ahead re-branding this babylonic experience?
This letter is not an invitation to military intervention. It is rather a rebuke to such thoughts and a symbol of acknowledgement of the democratic sun that is breaking into the Nigerian hemisphere. We can only experience peace and build a stronger Nigeria when the beautiful rays of the democratic sun are allowed and encouraged to shine with all its brightness on the Nigerian soil.
The truly certified copy of the List of The Winners of National Lottery is God’s signature of hope through Our Lady, The Blessed Virgin Mary for our dear nation. The target is the 80% of disfranchised Nigerians. Without this List the entire programme becomes an overthrow of a cabal and the enthronement of another.
In the full consciousness of my glaring and incapacitating weaknesses and failures even as a Priest; in the full awareness of the tragic fate that is and has always been the lots of authentic fighters of freedom; and in the painful mood of the loss of our Senior Partner Chief Gani Fawehmni in the arcane Chambers of Freedom; but more importantly, propelled by the call to duty as a priest in the Catholic tradition,
I remain,
Yours Faithfully


                                                                 REV.FR.KENNETH EVURULOBI.C,
                                                             C/O VERY REV. FR. JACOB, UGBOAJA,
                                                               PARISH PRIEST,   
                                                               ST MARY’S PARISH,
                                                              ABAYI  ARIARIA,
                                                                P. O. BOX 12788,
                                                                 ABA, ABIA STATE, NIGERIA.
                                                             26TH MARCH, 2008.
With strong reference to my letter of 26th September,2006 to this Lordship, Most Rev. Dr. V. V. Ezeonyia cssp, the Catholic Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Aba, titled “RE: IMPOSITION OF AN ADMONITION / REBUKE” enclosed herein and marked “TS” (Ref: File A: frKCE // CDA/NO13) which goes to validate my letter of 18th October, 2004 titled “RE: LETTER OF THREAT TO LIFE AND REAL THREAT TO MY LIFE” equally addressed to Bishop Ezeonyia cssp of the Diocese of Aba (enclosed and marked “AA”,  Ref:  fr. KCE// CDA/ NOII), without prejudice to other numerous documents enclosed herein and thus possess strong referential status (especially those marked with asterisks in file F: fr.KCE//FE/Gen), I do hereby, through your office, bring to the notice of the Holy Father, his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI the fact that there is a conscious, authoritative and influential affiliation, deep involvement and total commitment of the Catholic Knighthood in Nigeria (with particular reference to the Knights of St. Mulumba, Aba Diocese, Nigeria) to the Raw (not the Reformed) Ogboni Fraternity with its headquarters in Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. The Raw Ogboni Fraternity is the most dangerous Secret Cult in Nigeria noted for its insatiable appetite for blood and power. While many other numerous local and regional cults (e.g. PQ, i.e. Princes and Queens – a group of dangerous but wealthy and influential occult harlots, both men and women, who bestride the business and management class especially the banking industry; NAFA, i.e. National Association of Flying Angels- very powerful association of witches and Satanists who have compulsorily reached the 33rd degree in their respective cults; Vanguards (popularly called the vultures) - a powerful cult which wears the regalia of religion designed in the most shrewd way to spread the satanic kingdom by sponsoring, ordaining and empowering members as evangelists, miracle workers, pastors and philanthropists; Traditional cults – e.g. Okija,etc; Students cults, etc) are affiliated to the Raw Ogboni Fraternity, the Raw Ogboni Fraternity is itself affiliated to the world cult known as “The Union” or “666” – the Anti-Christ.
 The affiliation of the Knighthood to the Raw Ogboni Fraternity which has been achieved with maximum success is designed to turn the Catholic worship especially the Holy Mass into Satanic worship, and to destabilize and destroy the Church from within by encouraging dictatorship especially within the ranks of the hierarchy, and through this way, sell the Church into the hands of external enemies using Politicians, the Media, Businessmen, Blackmail, etc. Sponsored by the Union world over, these enemies propagate homosexualism, lesbianism, women ordination, the abolition of celibate priesthood, obnoxious notions of freedom, attacks on the Papacy, Secularism, etc. Murder, thuggery, arson, blackmail, etc make up the entire picture. Their most powerful targets are the Catholic Priesthood and the Institution of Marriage. Divorce and attacks on the celibate priesthood have been made attractive and rewarding. Other orthodox churches are more hit that the Catholic Church. The worst hit is, no thanks to the Vanguards, the Pentecostal churches.
In its edition of April 24, 2006 vol. 167, No 17 (page 38ff), Time Magazine raised a strong suspicion about the Opus Dei. I am personally convinced beyond doubts that the Opus Dei and the Catholic Knighthood as well as other numerous organizations in the Church are genuine and noble associations of men and women who are strongly committed to their Christian vocations in the active life. However, given these towering suspicions, it will be unwise to categorically ignore or deny these affiliations without proper investigations into this matter.
The enclosed reports signify the fruits of my investigations on this for the past seven years, and equally go to assert the reasons for my present condition as a vagus.
In defense of, and in the spirit of total commitment to the Catholic Faith and Sacred Traditions of the Church imposed on me by law under oath as a priest validly and legally/canonically tutored in the Catholic Theology, I Rev.Fr. Kenneth Chinkata Evurulobi do hereby forward the enclosed documents to your office for the attention and intervention of the Holy Father.
For convenience and easy identification, the documents are distributed into six files:
            File A: fr KCE//Catholic Diocese of Aba
                        (fr KCE//CDA)
            File B: frKCE//Catholic Institute of West Africa
                        (fr. KCE//CIWA)
            File C:  frKCE//Justice, Peace, Development Commission
                        (fr. KCE//JPDC)
File D: fr KCE//Grounds For Appeal
                        (fr KCE//GFA)
File E: fr KCE//Power Of Evidence
                        (fr KCE//POE)
File F: fr. KCE//File Extention/General
                        (fr. KCE//FE/Gen.)
Based on these documents, and trusting heavily on your experience as a Judge and an expert in the Diplomatic Mission, without prejudice to the juridical personality of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria, I humbly but strongly pray you to:
a)        Advice the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria to rise up to the challenges of her task as the Chief Shepherd of the flock in Nigeria, and to the respect and defense of Human and People’s Rights in practical terms especially the poor and oppressed.
b)        Compell the JDPC in Nigeria to rise up to the very critical issue of Social Justice and Human Dignity.
c)         Call the Knighthood of the Catholic Church in Nigeria, especially the Knights of St. Mulumba, Aba Diocese to order.
All the documents marked with asterisks have been handed over to the Apostolic Nuncio in Nigeria and Most Rev. Dr. V. V. Ezeonyia cssp, the Catholic Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Aba, Abia State, Nigeria respectively. For reasons of security, this Appeal will reach your office through the instrumentality of Rev. Prof. Hans Kung, the President and Founder of Global Ethic Foundation in Switzerland. I hereby request your response on this in accord with the norm of the law of the Church.
  I remain,
Yours obediently,

cc. C B C N
      Archbishop A J V Obinna
      Bishop Ezeonyia cssp